Cooking Stone

BIOCERA Cooking Stone

Cooking Stone
  • Product Name Biocera Cooking Stone
  • For Man L7.5cm
  • For Woman 12g
  • Color 1-2 years


Helps promote blood circulation, and contributes to Keeps bright skin and maintains vital energy. - Dissolves elements such as sweat, protein and fat, which can be the causes of odor. - Helps to balance calcium and iron in the body to get your bone stronger- Removes moisture to control molds or fungi- Stops harmful waves (by neutralizing strongly alkaline cement) and; - Reinforces earth magnetism which lacks in the tall buildings or apartments (by radiating far infrared)


When you drink too much or wake up with a hangover, boil water with the stone and drink it. It helps calm down your stomach and clear your head.- When you put the stone with the boiling rice, it doesn�t make rice go bad and lose its color easily- When you store vegetables and fruits with the stone, it keeps the freshness longer- When you put the stone with some food, it helps boil quicker and taste better. (Such as soup, stew, grill and fries, and etc.)- When you leave frozen meat and seafood with the stone, it helps thaw quickly.

Cooking stone    Cooking stone
Cooking stone

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