Washing Ball


Washing Ball
  • Product Name Biocera Washing Ball
  • Usage For laundry
  • Ingredients Ceramic balls
  • Size/Weight 100X90mm / 170g
  • Life Time 2 ~ 3 years
  • Packing Unit Double 30 set / Box Single(B) 100 pcs / Box Single(Y) 100 pcs / Box

Biocera Ensures the Safety and Best Quality of products.Bioceramic Balls are the world's First and only to be NSF42 Certified

Features Of Original Biocera Washing Ball

  • Designed with round shape in order to minimize the damage of laundry, Original Biocera Washing Ball is very hygienic through the influence of its excellent antibacterial effect (eliminate bacteria and mold etc.) to the inner of washer capacity and laundry as well as increase the cleaning effect of water.
  • Washing ball enables one to clean clothes and laundry without any detergents by lowering surface or interfacial tension.
  • Rubbing effect of water and laundry increases the cleaning and deodorizing power by activated water through the influence of wavelength energy of far infrared rays and etc.
  • Compared with normal washing process, we can obtain following effects by reducing the use of synthetic detergent:water- saving, energy-saving and time-saving and etc. So this is very economical and environmental. In addition, this is helpful to prevent the damage of clothes and skin irritations can be shown by remaining detergent in clothes.


Do your laundries as you normally would. If you use Biocera Ball for laundry, you don't need to use detergent or fabric softener at all. (Biocera Ball has softening and bleaching effect itself.)

Use two units of balls to enhance the washing effect when the laundry exceeds 6~7kg. Dry the product for better performance and the longer life of the ball after the laundry. In a normal situation, the effects will last for about two or three years after the first use. Put the detergent a little at first and gradually reduce the amount.Finally, you will find it’s possible to wash clothes without detergent !

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