Biocera AHA Water Bottle

AHA Water Bottle
  • Product Name Biocera AHA(Alkaline-Hydrogen-Antioxidant) Water Bottle
  • Content Biocera AHA Water Bottle(1unit)
  • Ingredients Body: Container, Cartridge: Eastman TritanTM Top, Bottom Cap: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Size H264 x D70 mm / 10.39 x 2.76 inches
  • Life Time 1 year: assuming daily consumption of 1.5 liters / 50.72 fl. oz of water
Water bottle

ALL IN ONE type hydrogen-rich alkaline water which effectively removes oxygen free radicals!

The 'Biocera A.H.A. Water Bottle' is a luxurious and portable all-in-one type bottle which can turn regular water into hydrogen-rich alkaline water.

What are oxygen free radicals?

Oxygen free radicals, also known as reactive oxygen species, are unstable forms of oxygen unlike the oxygen we breathe in. They are made in our bodies as a reaction to environmental pollution, harmful chemicals, UV rays, circulatory problems, stress, and etc. These oxygen free radicals produced in excess cause oxidation in our cells. As a result, the cell membranes and DNA, as well as all other structures of the cells can be damaged, resulting in loss of function or cellular alteration depending on the magnitude of the damage.

Prevention of damage due to oxidative stress can be achieved simply by removing the excess oxygen free radicals from our bodies. Substances that can remove these oxygen free radicals are antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, uric acid, bilirubin, glutathione, carotene, and etc. Consuming natural forms of these antioxidants can be very effective.

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